Application Schemes

Unique Scheme Solutions for
Your Unique Safety Application

KIRK’s scheme designs ensure that our customers and their workers are equipped with the safest interlock solutions for their unique safety applications.

Since 1932, KIRK has worked with switchgear OEMs and industrial safety experts perfecting our knowledge and experience in designing the safest interlock solutions.  The KIRK Scheme Book provides simple application schemes to help guide you in your safety interlocking decisions on switchgear, industrial access, and machine guarding applications.

If your safety solution requires a more complex scheme, specific equipment is being incorporated, or a custom product solution, contact our KIRK Applied Engineering Services Team.

Our Team will partner with you to conduct a full application assessment, design your scheme, customize product as needed, and provide you with a final solution to ensure the safety of your workers and assets and… eliminate human error!


KIRK Application Scheme Book