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We will require the following important information when ordering a KIRK® key interlock system:

  • Which lock type will physically fit on each device in your application?

  • What is the sequence of operation of the equipment? Are there various scenarios?

  • What locking bolt length is required?  Note: locking bolts are referenced in their withdrawn position and always extend 3/4” when the key is turned.

  • How many lock cylinders are required and what are the key removable positions?

  • What is the name and location of the ultimate user of the interlocks? Kirk Key Interlock Company assigns key cylinder numbers based on this information and records that information for each ultimate user.

  • Is coordination with other interlocks required? If so, are the other interlocks existing interlocks or will another manufacturer or contractor order interlocks for coordination?


If you have any questions, please contact us.


We will require the following important information when ordering a duplicate or replacement KIRK® key:


If you have any questions, please contact us.

To view the KIRK Duplicate Key Form video click here.


The Shipment Tracking Portal allows you to view the status of your purchase orders – both your open purchase orders and your closed purchase orders (90 days of history). You can sort the information by Purchase Order, Order Date or Ship Date. If your order has already shipped, you will see the tracking number for your shipment. For your convenience, this tracking number is hyperlinked to the freight forwarder’s web site (e.g. UPS, FedEx, DHL) where you can view detailed information about the shipment. If your order has not shipped, you will see the expected ship date.


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The CAD Models Portal allows you to download 2D and 3D models of KIRK® products.  These files are useful to engineers and designers during the design process to check for clearance and mounting options.  To access the portal, you must register and create a unique login.


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Our commitment to our customers does not end at supplying best-in-class products.  We have experienced team members across all industries and applications ready to work with you in creating a customized trapped key interlock system. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer support for all your safety interlock requirements.  


The overall goal of Kirk is to ensure that the end-user specifications are met with ease and they are up and running as efficiently and safely as possible!  Contact us  to discuss  your specific project needs.





We offer customized trainings for your company's specific interlock needs.  Our Kirk team can work with you and your specific company audience for a presentation/seminar on the principals of trapped key interlocks, schemes, product ordering, and more.

To schedule a training session and to discuss the details on a tailor-made course for your company, please contact us.




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