• Key actuated electrical components

  • Key trapped until receipt of external signal

  • Easily combined with other KIRK® interlocks

  • Single or multiple cylinders available

  • Tamperproof mounting bolts optional

  • Available in SD Series (Brass) or HD Series (316 Stainless Steel)

Our electromechanical interlocks add additional features to our standard interlocks, ranging from simple auxiliary contacts that change state when the key is turned, to more complex features such as alerting a control center that a lock has been engaged/disengaged or preventing the key being turned until a remote signal is received. Electromechanical interlocks are used as part of your larger interlock scheme. 


Many of our electromechanical interlock products are available in the SD and HD KIRK® series. For more information about the advantages of each, please click here.


Our interlocks mount directly on your standard equipment. Choose the mounting option that best fits your application; adapter plates and locking bolt modifications are available in the Accessories section. Contact us if you feel you have a non-standard mounting situation or if you need the locking bolt modified in any way (e.g. a hole in the end of the locking bolt so a fixture can be attached).



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Electromechanical Interlocks

trapped key interlocks

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