Precast Concrete Industry – Application Series: 4 of 5 Block & Tile Production

Precast Concrete Industry – Application Series: 4 of 5

Block & Tile Production – Trapped Key Interlock Safety Solutions

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A production cell for precast concrete block & tile presents many hazards for workers and equipment.  Energized equipment, rotating machinery, industrial saws and cutters, pinch points and partial and or full body access points all present opportunity for extremity injuries.  Ensuring the proper sequence of safety operations is followed will mitigate the risk of injury.

Extremity injuries are prevalent, accounting for approximately ¾ of all reportable OSHA incidents within this industry

Regular maintenance on the equipment within the production cell is required to ensure efficiencies.  Safety processes must be followed to mitigate human error, eliminate risk, prevent injuries to extremities.

Hand injuries account for 20% of all workplace injuries and compensation costs can be as high as $150k per incident

Trapped key interlock safety solutions ensure a pre-determined sequence of operations each & every time. While LOTO provides a visual warning and identifies hazards, a TKI solution physically prevents a specific set of actions from being performed until previous action(s) have been fully completed!

Common trapped key interlock solution for a block/tile production cell:

Step 1: Power Isolation KIRK Type PPS isolation interlock installed on control panel for block/tile production cell

Step 2: Residual Energy KIRK Type TDKRU time delay unit pre-set to allow for run-down time on equipment

Step 3: Multiple Entry Points KIRK Type T transfer interlock for sequence control of access keys only after power isolation has occurred

Step 4: Safe Access KIRK Type DM access lock installed on main production cell gate and guarding gates

Download the pdf version of this fourth part of our Precast Concrete Application Series focusing on how trapped key interlocking solutions can help mitigate human error, eliminate risks and prevent injuries within a block & tile production cell.