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August 5th 2020

Ensuring People and Asset Safety in the Concrete Industry

The Building Block of Construction Concrete is the most utilized man-made material on earth. The uses of concrete range from structural applications to piping, drains, and pavers. Buildings, bridges, roads, and more could not be constructed without this important material. In the United States, more than 250,000 people work in the concrete industry and 10% […]


July 2nd 2020

The Changing Landscape of Warehouse Safety

Warehouse and Logistics White Paper Kirk Key Interlock has over 80 years of experience in industrial safety across a wide range of sectors such as manufacturing, waste & recycling, concrete and warehousing. Recently, we have made use of this expertise and knowledge to produce a white paper on the changing landscape of warehouse safety in […]


June 30th 2020

Improve Safety & Efficiency of Lift Gate Trailer Loading at the Docks

Lift gate trailers Lift gate trailers are beneficial for shippers as they provide the means to load/unload shipments without the need for a loading dock. Trailers equipped with a lift gate can be loaded / unloaded by lowering the cargo to the ground on the lift gate and cargo can then be moved with the […]


April 7th 2020

KIRK Releases New Coupler Interlock System

The Coupler Interlock System is an electromechanical interlock that is suitable for controlling access to tubular bulk material transfer systems, such as those used for silo storage, mitigating the risk of lost material and cross contamination during the loading or unloading process.


October 12th 2019

Isolating Energy in the Wind Tunnel

Securing the hazardous within a wind tunnel

Securing the hazards within a wind tunnel


August 12th 2019

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Our safety initiatives within our shop ensure that assemblers, machinists, and shippers work in the safest conditions to perform their roles.