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Design the Safest Interlock Solution

Applied Engineering Services

At KIRK, we understand that interlocking logic and sequencing adds a layer to your project management that can take valuable time & money away from other project activities.  So why not let the interlock experts design the logic and identify the interlock products for you? Involving KIRK in the inception of your interlock solution needs and design will:

  • Ensure interlock coordination across multiple equipment OEMs & project partners
  • Ensure interlock solution products ship on time reducing liquidated damages
  • Ensure the right interlock products for the solution, reducing interlock product returns or reworks
  • Ensure the solution is designed with the safest interlock logic to protect your people and assets

Your trusted safety experts

We’ve been keeping people safe at work for over 90 years. So you can confidently put your trust in us. We’ll use our industry leading expertise to help you solve your unique safety challenges, reduce risk, lower costs and keep your business protected and fully compliant. Above all, we never forget we’re helping you ensure your people get home safe at the end of every working day.

Let KIRK Save You Time and Money

Our team of experienced interlock logic experts and engineers will conduct an onsite survey of your processes, walking through each step with you and consulting on interlock best practices.  Our team will then design an interlock scheme based on the process requirements and provide the full narrative associated with the designed scheme. A final bill of materials will be provided so that when you are ready to implement the interlock solution, you have all the information you need to place your order with ease.  When the project is finalized with the services group, we will maintain the interlock project records for future updates or changes to your interlock processes.

Scheme Animation

We can design your application scheme and bring it to life with scheme animation.  As we work through your solution, we will ensure we capture equipment detail as needed so that we can incorporate into the scheme with the interlock logic.  An animation is beneficial for final solution clarity and education and training of your staff on the sequence of the interlock solution operations.

View an example of  KIRK Scheme Animation

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Safety Processes

At KIRK, we know that everyone’s safety interlock needs are unique to their operations.  Working with you to design your unique interlock solution, KIRK Applied Engineering Services can identify if a customized product or provision is needed for your equipment and design the best solution for your safety requirements.

When you work with the Kirk Applied Engineering Services team, you will receive a placard that outlines the operating procedure and scheme design. This placard can be easily mounted next to the equipment for quick reference.

Download our recent case study on how the team worked with a customer in the concrete industry to design a custom solution for their specific equipment and safety requirements.

Contact Us and We can Help

The KIRK Applied Engineering Services team is here to get started on your next safety interlock solution.  Tell us about your project by submitting the services request form.  We will receive your submission and set up an initial 30 minute consultation to discuss your project and determine next steps to begin designing the safety solution to protect your people and assets.  You can also contact us at