For applications in harsh conditions, such as outdoors or in a very dusty environment, we recommend our HD Series interlocks. Our HD Series interlocks are made from electropolished 316 stainless steel and are designed to resist the harshest of conditions.

trapped key interlocks
trapped key interlocks
Tapped Key Interlock




Our access interlock product range provides solutions to guarding applications by only permitting access once a specified operation has been completed, most commonly shutting off the power. An optional time delay unit adds functionality through denying access to the equipment or area until any residual power has completely stopped, ensuring safe access.


Our access interlocks integrate seamlessly with any other KIRK® interlocks already in place, providing you with a complete system


Perimeter guarding has many different uses and advantages, from protecting against dangerous live machinery to enabling access to multiple components at once, as long as they have the same prerequisite sequence. An example of this would be a capacitor bank. See schemes for more examples.





Scheme 33 - Prevent opening of a guard or door until power is removed.


Scheme 34 - Prevent opening of guard or door for a predetermined time after removal of power.


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