Salvo Loading Dock Safety Systems

Providing Safety and Efficiency at the Loading Dock

Salvo Loading Dock Safety Systems

Protecting Personnel at the Loading Dock

The pressure facilities are facing to keep up with rising demand often results in hazardous work environments, especially near the loading dock. In the US, more than 25% of all industrial accidents occur at the loading dock, and for every accident, there are about 600 near misses.

Salvo Loading Dock Safety Systems reduce the risk of accidents at the loading dock by preventing drive-aways during loading/unloading by interlocking the trailer’s air brakes with the dock door. This ensures that the trailer cannot depart until loading/unloading is completed and the dock door is closed. Salvo Loading Dock Safety Systems keep your personnel and equipment safe by – eliminating human error.


SAFETY: Ensures you meet government safety regulations with wheel chocks or restraints.  OSHA’s wheel-chocking requirement for commercial vehicles as defined by FMSCA’s braking regulation.  See [29 CFR 1910.178(k)(1), [49 U.S.C. 31132] and [49 CFR part 393], respectively.

INSTALLATION: The kits make mounting and wiring as simple as 1-2-3.  The quick installation process allows for minimum disruption and downtime.

VERSATILITY: This safety system works with all vehicle types and can also interlock with existing dock safety products such as dock levelers, restraints, traffic lights, etc.

RELIABILITY: Salvo Loading Dock Safety Systems utilize the braking system of the trailer as the restraint.  When the air is released from the trailers brake line, the mechanical brakes automatically engage. Applying the Salvo Gladhand keeps the brakes locked until loading/unloading is complete.