Salvo Loading Dock Safety Systems

Salvo SML- EI Kit

Salvo Manual Dock Safety System with Electrical Contacts

The SML-EI manual door loading dock safety system incorporates a manual door lock (SMDL) with contacts, mounted inside the dock door, and an optional traffic light (STL) to ensure immediate communication to loaders when it is safe to load/unload. The SGL is used to lock out the trailer’s air brakes, releasing a key. This key is then taken inside the dock door and inserted into the SMDL. This will send a signal to the traffic light indicating that loading/unloading can begin. The key is trapped in the SMDL until the dock door is closed, and the SMDL is engaged, releasing the key. The key can then be into the SGL, allowing the air brakes to be reconnected and the truck to drive away safely.

For further technical information please refer to the datasheet.


  • Compatible for open sided loading platforms
  • Easily integrated into existing dock safety equipment
  • Removable for warehouse relocation
  • Robust design
  • Unique key codes
  • Optional traffic lights available for purchase

Operational Video

SML-EI with short chain


SML-EI with long chain

Typical application

Salvo loading dock safety systems

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