Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic Precipitators

KIRK® safety interlocks protect the safety of your employees and equipment by ensuring a predetermined sequence of operations is followed every time, without fail. When performing maintenance on or emptying hoppers, electrodes in excess of 10,000 volts present a serious risk to life. To ensure the safety of employees performing maintenance, it is imperative that the hazardous energy is isolated and cannot be inadvertently re-energized during maintenance procedures. KIRK® trapped key interlocks ensure that the power is isolated and grounded before hopper doors can be accessed. A typical ESP application includes trapped key interlocks on switchgear, transfer switches, access doors, and valves.

KIRK ESP Application Guide

Our KIRK HD Stainless Steel product line, with it’s robust dowel pin key was designed with ESP applications specifically in mind.  The stainless steel housing withstands the harsh environments of an ESP.  The unique dowel pin key and gasketed protective cover mitigates dirt and grime from impeding the proper functioning of the interlock.  The robust key design also prevents keys from being dropped or lost through standard floor grating.

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Electrostatic Precipitators

Trapped key interlocks allow safe maintenance procedures

A trapped key interlock system ensures the safety of operators when performing maintenance on a hopper. Before access is granted to any hopper doors, hazardous energy is disconnected and grounded. The trapped key interlock system ensures a predetermined sequence of events is followed.

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