Perimeter Guarding

Perimeter Guarding

KIRK®’s access interlock product offering provides solutions for all guarding applications, ensuring access permissions only once hazardous energy has been isolated. Incorporating access interlocks with time delay units or electromotive force units adds additional safeguards to ensure residual energy has been fully dissipated and isolated prior to access.

Our access interlocks integrate seamlessly with any other KIRK® interlocks already in place, providing you with a complete system.

Perimeter guarding has many different uses and advantages, from protecting against dangerous live machinery to enabling access to multiple components at once, as long as they have the same prerequisite sequence.

LOTO with Trapped Key Interlocks

Enhancing your lockout tagout procedure with KIRK® trapped key interlocks ensures energy isolation procedures cannot be circumvented. Typical industrial equipment may contain hot fluids, blades, fans, pinch points, and moving parts hazardous to workers and other equipment. A written lockout tagout procedure is used to document the steps to remove/isolate energy source(s). KIRK® trapped key interlocks can aid in isolating the energy source(s) and the lock and tag can be applied to the interlock

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