How To Order

How To Order

Ordering a trapped key interlock solution requires specific information to ensure the ordering process is efficient and your safety solution is designed according to your specific safety needs.

This short video will walk you through the steps and information needed to place your order accurately.

In summary, the information you will need are

  • Type of products for your solution – see our product data sheets on our website
  • A KIRK Ordering Guide 2021 and or individual ordering guides per product – found on the product data sheets
  • If placing an order for duplicate or additional keys, you will need to include a completed Duplicate Key Release Form with your order.
  • Ultimate User Information – the customer and or location the trapped key interlock solution will be installed
  • Once you have received a quote, if you plan to pay by credit card, visit our Credit Card Portal to submit your payment information.

Contact for more information on placing your order.  Should you need additional assistance in designing your interlock solution, our KIRK Applied Engineering Team will be happy to partner with you to design your system.