Salvo Loading Dock Safety

Salvo Loading Dock Safety

Loading docks are dangerous environments where more than 25% of all industrial accidents occur and account for  600 near misses per accident. ​

Our Salvo Loading Dock Safety System reduces the risk of accidents by preventing drive-aways at the loading dock through the elimination of human error. The safety system forces employees into following a safe sequential unloading/loading process, providing peace of mind that personnel are safe, equipment is protected, and operations are running smoothly.

  •  Compliant: Salvo meets government safety regulations with wheel chocks or restraints. OSHA’s wheel-chocking requirement for commercial vehicles as defined by FMSCA’s braking regulation.  See [29 CFR 1910.178(k)(1), [49 U.S.C. 31132] and [49 CFR part 393], respectively.
  •  Low Maintenance: The Salvo Loading Dock Safety System requires very little maintenance, allowing docks to remain in use, operating at maximum capacity and avoiding dock downtime.
  • Quick & Simple Installation: Experience minimal disruption with Salvo’s quick and simple installation process.
  • Long Lasting:  With Salvo’s robust components you are set for the long haul! The Salvo System can even be moved from site to site if facilities were to change.
  • Versatile: The system is compatible with a wide range of vehicle types, dock doors and can easily be integrated with existing dock equipment such as dock levelers, restraints, traffic lights, etc.
How it works
Salvo Makes Safety Simple

The system prevents drive-aways during loading/unloading by interlocking the trailer’s air brakes with the dock door. This ensures that the trailer cannot depart until loading/unloading is completed and the dock door is locked closed. Salvo Loading Dock Safety Systems keep your personnel and equipment safe by eliminating human error.

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