Technology Drives Efficiency but Can Pose Risks

With e-commerce on the rise, the logistics sector is in high demand and facilities are feeling the pressure to keep up.

To remain competitive, warehouses and distribution centers are faced with growing pressure to improve utilization and increase throughput, efficiency, and profitability at their facilities. While the introduction of smart technology and automation has allowed for greater operational efficiencies, it has also resulted in a fast-paced work environment where safety becomes secondary.

This fast-paced environment can quickly become hazardous for facility personnel. The loading dock is an especially dangerous area, accounting for 25% of all industrial accidents. Additionally, 600 near misses are estimated to occur for every accident at the loading dock.

Kirk strives to enhance safety by creating a safe, secure, and efficient loading dock environment through our Salvo Logistic Solutions. As experts in the industry, we understand the challenges your facility may face and provide customizable solutions to meet each facility’s unique needs, such as loading structure, door type, and vehicle type.

Loading Structure

– Loading Docks

– Gangway Systems

– Shipping Ports

– Railroads

– Silos

Door Types

– Automatic Doors

– Manual Doors

– Shutter Doors

– Roller Doors

Vehicle Types

– Semi

– Trailers

– Box Trucks

– Ocean Containers

– Tanker Loading/Unloading

– Refrigerated Trailers & More

Enhance Safety with Salvo Logistics Solutions

Salvo provides the logistics sector with safe, efficient, and secure solutions to solve serious problems that are affecting facilities.

  • Safeguards against drive-aways at the loading dock
  • Poor dock utilization
  • Detention fees
  • Manual & inaccurate data

View the video to see how our Salvo Loading Dock Safety System safeguards against drive-aways at the loading dock.

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