SMart key manager

The Smart Key Manager combined with a trapped key interlock system creates a comprehensive safety system that provides senior engineers and management with information and track-ability on the overall safety processes.


The Smart Key Manager retains the primary trapped key that initiates the safety sequence and procedures. This key can only be released by using an RFID card issued to authorized individuals. The Smart Key Manager tracks those engineers who initiated processes, how long the key was in use, and reports operational history. This track-ability, combined with alarms and notices, can alert senior engineers and managers when keys have been released or have been in use for too long.

For further technical information please refer to the datasheet by clicking HERE


  • Levels of security ( pin code, badge or badge + pin code, RFID)

  • Movements of key registered in real time

  • Administrators modify the database everywhere

  • Transaction history

  • Easy to use

  • Web interface (no license)


  • Switchgear Control Rooms

  • IT Data Centers

  • Industrial Control Centers

  • Utilities

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