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We offer customized safety interlock solutions
for your unique safety process requirements


KIRK’s comprehensive product offering of mechanical, electro-mechanical, motion sensing, and integrated technology interlocks form a complete interlock safety system customized for your unique safety application needs.

Salvo Loading Dock Safety Systems

Salvo loading dock safety systems prevent drive-aways during loading/unloading  by interlocking the trailer’s air brakes with the dock door. This ensures that the trailer cannot depart until loading/unloading is completed and the dock door is closed. Salvo keeps your personnel and equipment safe by – eliminating human error.

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Perimeter Guarding

KIRK®’s access interlock product offering provides solutions for all guarding applications, ensuring access permissions only once hazardous energy has been isolated. Incorporating access interlocks with time delay units or electro-motive force units adds additional safeguards to ensure residual energy has been fully dissipated and isolated prior to access.

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Within a substation, KIRK® trapped key interlocks are used to ensure the isolation of hazardous energy for several switchgear maintenance applications. Preventing the paralleling of two energy sources, ensuring a breaker is locked open (or closed) for maintenance operations, preventing the disconnection of breakers under load, and minimizing the potential of a hazardous arc flash are just a few applications where trapped key interlocks can be found.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply

Power outages in environments where power is critical can have drastic implications and risks. Data centers, medical facilities, telecommunications centers, and more rely on an uninterruptable power supply, or UPS, during unstable weather or power conditions. A KIRK® trapped key interlock system ensures that regular maintenance can be performed safely, and the UPS system can be placed in maintenance bypass mode, eliminating the risk of a redundant power source and protecting against hazardous energy.

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Electrostatic Precipitator

KIRK® safety interlocks protect the safety of your employees and equipment by ensuring a predetermined sequence of operations is followed every time, without fail. When performing maintenance on or emptying hoppers, electrodes in excess of 10,000 volts present a serious risk to life. To ensure the safety of employees performing maintenance, it is imperative that the hazardous energy is isolated and cannot be inadvertently re-energized during maintenance procedures. KIRK® trapped key interlocks ensure that the power is isolated and grounded before hopper doors can be accessed. A typical ESP application includes trapped key interlocks on switchgear, transfer switches, access doors, and valves.

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Working with concrete introduces safety hazards that can place workers in danger and put their lives at risk. Concrete mixing plants must perform regular maintenance on mixers to ensure proper working conditions and efficiencies. Maintenance can involve accessing the mixer’s entry points for cleaning and servicing of paddles. To ensure worker safety, power
must be isolated prior to entry of the mixer and at no time during maintenance can power be inadvertently re-energized.

Implementing a trapped key interlock safety system into the safety procedures for power isolation can eliminate human error and drive a pre-determined sequence of operations to ensure worker safety.

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Electric Fracturing

Electric fracking fleets are beginning to replace traditional diesel fuel fleets due to the higher operation costs of diesel fleets as compared to electric fleets. Also, electric fleets help to minimize emissions, noise pollution, and dust build up common in the diesel fleets.

The introduction of electric fracking fleets have therefore introduced unique safety measures to ensure worker’s safety when connecting or disconnecting power for operations.

KIRK trapped key interlock safety systems ensure a predetermined sequence of operations are followed each time power is isolated to ensure couplers are de-energized before connecting or disconnecting from the main power source.

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Wind Tunnel

Around the wind tunnel, there are several full body access doors to allow for maintenance. It is critical to ensure no one enters the tunnel while in operation. Incorporating a trapped key interlock system ensures the proper sequence of energy isolation is performed.

Introducing electromechanical interlocks within the system allows contacts to be tied into a PLC system, signaling when an interlock system has been engaged and the tunnel doors have been accessed. This process prevents unexpected startup until all maintenance is complete and everyone is safely out of the tunnel.

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Black Liquor Recovery Boiler

In the Pulp and Paper industry, Black liquor recovery boilers require careful control of operations to ensure safety and mitigate risk of an explosion.

To minimize this risk, implementing a trapped key interlock safety solution ensures a sequential safety process takes place each time – keeping employees & equipment safe.

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