Industrial Interlock Safety Solutions
Across Energy, Industry, & Transportation


KIRK operates within the energy, industry, and transportation sectors, providing safety solutions to each sectors unique safety needs.


Generating sequential safety for energy sources

The demand for cleaner and more efficient energy generation methods has resulted in changes to both the sources of generation and stricter guidelines in safety regulations. Companies responsible for the transmission and distribution of energy are tasked with finding the most efficient and cost effective solutions during a time when different types of power are being generated from new sources. Continuous and self-generating power capabilities add complexity to the entire safety system.

KIRK is very experienced in servicing the energy industry with quality products, knowledgeable team members, and reliable safety systems to ensure personnel are following proper operating procedures. KIRK can respond to the changing needs of the industry with customization of products and services to help our energy customers with a best – fit, sequential safety solution.

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Producing safety in industrial applications

The pressure to achieve in a higher level of production while maintaining clean health and safety records creates a new challenge in the work place. With already harsh working environments, continuous maintenance on machinery and regular machine failures, ensuring safety processes to protect personnel and equipment is a must.

Process control and risk control is a high-level focus for factories, mining quarries, and production plants. KIRK® trapped key interlock systems help control risk and guard against entry into areas where hazardous energy is present and machine guarding is a necessity. A defined sequence of operations with KIRK® interlock systems ensures a sequential safety process is followed every time, protecting equipment and saving lives.

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Driving technology for safer loading / unloading

Technology continues to drive increased productivity and efficiencies within warehousing and distribution. New technologies and automated equipment introduce new risks to the already existing hazards of shipping and receiving loading docks, palletizers, conveyors, and packaging equipment.

KIRK® trapped key interlock systems guard against entry into hazardous areas, guarding machines, and ensuring power isolation where hazardous energy is present. Loading docks can be safe guarded with the Salvo™ Loading Dock safety systems, ensuring a sequential safety process is followed, preventing drive-aways and eliminating human error.

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