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Driving Technology to Transform the Loading Dock Environment

With ecommerce on the rise, warehouse and distribution facilities are faced with pressure to increase throughput at their facilities. Unfortunately, this pressure often results in hazardous work environments for facilities, especially near the loading dock. In the US, more than 25% of all industrial accidents occur at the loading dock, and for every accident, there are about 600 near misses.

Kirk understands these pressures and has developed a line of logistic solutions that ensure the loading dock environment is both safe and productive.

Our Salvo Loading Dock Safety System prevents unscheduled drive-aways at the dock door while our Salvo InSite platform digitizes the loading dock safety system to provide real time dock analytics, allowing for dock personnel to be safe and maximized productivity to be achieved.

  • Rail Yard
  • Loading Docks
  • Shipping Port
  • Tanker Loading/unloading

Protecting Personnel at the Loading Dock with Salvo

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