KIRK® key exchange units feature two or more lock cylinders in a single housing or enclosure. Key exchange units are designed to retain one or more keys (called held keys) while the remaining (initiating) key(s) are removed. This allows an exchange of keys for two or more interlock sequences. All initiating keys must be inserted into the key exchange interlock before the retained keys can be removed. After the retained keys are removed, the initiating keys are trapped in the interlock. Often the need for a transfer block can be eliminated by using multi-cylinder interlocks mounted on other devices, making it unnecessary to go through an additional transfer block operation.


All KIRK® Transfer Blocks and Transfer Panels can exchange keys of different series. 



trapped key interlocks
trapped key interlocks


  • Consolidate multiple keys

  • Secondary keys trapped until all primary keys inserted

  • Choose from SD Series (Brass) or HD Series (316 Stainless Steel)


electrostatic precipitators

Transfer blocks and panels

shore power

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