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The Transfer Panel is an exchange point in which the final keys of one or more interlock sequences are exchanged for one or more different keys for additional operations. All primary (initiating) keys must be inserted into the transfer panel before any secondary (retained) keys can be turned and removed. Once a secondary key is removed, all primary keys are held captive in the transfer panel. Transfer panel primary keys are generally related to power sources (such as breakers, T/R switches, level detectors, etc.) and secondary keys are often associated with access doors. Transfer keys, locks, and all mechanical parts are completely enclosed in a NEMA 12 enclosure


Advantages for using Transfer Panels over Transfer Blocks:

• Reduced installation costs - one location for enclosure containing large quantity of keys.

• Reduced key handling - simplifies total system with only one key transfer step. This saves time for operating personnel.

• Protection - all locks and keys are protected from the environment.


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