ACCess Interlocks - Type DM With chain or spring latch

The Type DM access door interlock is designed for hinged doors, manhole covers, sliding doors or any sort of hatch or lid. It is well suited for loose fitting doors or hatches that will not accommodate a precise fitting door lock. The Type DM consists of a main body and a latch bolt with twelve links of 316 stainless steel chain. The lock body can be mounted to the equipment and the chain can be bolted or welded to the door or hatch with the proper amount of “slack” for the latch bolt to reach the DM lock body. Under normal conditions the key is upstream in the interlock scheme and the chain/bolt is trapped in the lock securing the door in the closed position. The latch bolt cannot be released until the key is inserted and turned. Only then can the latch bolt be rotated 1/4 turn and released from the lock – thereby trapping the key. The door or hatch must be closed and the latch bolt must be returned to the lock body in order to free the key.


The optional latch bolt with spring and mounting bracket offer mounting alternatives for the Type DM in two series; SD and HD. The mounting bracket is designed to hold the latch bolt in close proximity to the DM lock body.  A sliding door or gate is a good application for this style of latch bolt.


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